Generac iQ2000 Inverter Generator

Generac iQ2000 Inverter Generator Review

Generac has been working hard for over 4 years testing and enhancing functions of ultimately new and revolutionary inverter generators of IQ Series. Surely, when you mention Inverter Generator, Honda EU3000iS or Honda EU2000i comes to mind, since they have done a perfect job of leading the market for many years with amazingly quiet and exclusively dependable units.

Quietness is a very important feature of such small portable generators, since nobody wants a tailgate or camp near a lawn mower. Inverter generators by Generac are basically quieter than usual generators. While it does not say anything, but it means they are as quiet as ones of the Honda devices, even though no one could accomplish the task. Fortunately, Generac has coped with it.

The unique feature that is over appreciated by the Generac iQ2000 users is its “Smarter” digital dashboard that shows remaining run-time, fuel level, generator status and wattage use. This is definitely a great advantage that brings the generator to an ultimately new level. Fuel consumption differs enormously, depending on the items plugged. With the innovative generator you can simply tell the amount of time left with the current setup (either 3 or 6 hours).

The ultra-lightweight design provides easy portability. Choose from three engine speeds, based on electrical demand, to considerably reduce fuel consumption and noise. Moreover, parallel capability means an ability to combine two generators and double the power – with no sacrifice of portability.

Very often you can notice people purchasing generators that are too big for their capabilities and needs. Thus, if you are in search of the item to back up your home essentials with a portable generator, you should think of adjusting a manual transfer switch that will cover furnace fans, kitchen outlets, sump pumps and creature comfort outlets for electronics and light. In that situation a 7000w, 8000w or 10000w generator can be the ticket.

The problem is that once your house is not equipped with a manual transfer switch, you will not be able to use the generator to provide 10 places with electric power. That is why, if you are looking for a device to power your TV, fridge, lights, phone charger and medical devices, 2000w inverter unit will be more than enough. Two identical units can be paralleled together to receive 4000w for increased flexibility. Your neighbors are likely to thank you and due to its super portability the generator will serve your recreational needs, too. 

Уникальность – 98%